Thursday, April 16, 2015

Here are pictures from our recent trip to Germany (Spring Break).  We visited Bryan's youngest sister, Belinda, and her husband Chad.  We also visited Luxembourg and Austria.  Yes, it's been a while since  I've posted---these are all in from END to BEGINNING….  I hope you all enjoy!  THANKS, Belinda and Chad!  You are terrific tour guides!

NEW McDonald's in the Frankfurt airport.

The boys wanted pictures with Uncle Chad in his uniform.

Easter Morning

(Back to McDonald's…???)

Austria!  (Yes, I can say I was there for the 50th Anniversary of The Sound of Music!!)

Neuschwanstein Castle

 (Back to Austria….)
 (Back to Germany)

                                 Where Mad King Ludwig II  was raised.


 Dachau (First Concentration Camp)

Legoland's King's Castle

 Rothenburg, a mid-evil, walled city.


 Back to Rothenburg….


Castle fun